Mitchell Lake Ranch, Cattle For Sale


BAR 5 FF Right Way 1214X

CSA#: 732729
Calved: 2/14/10
Sire: RPF Pol Right Direction
Dam: BHPF Arabella M192E


**Tested Non-Dilutor


A RPF Pol Right Direction son who goes back to Expert 826M and is out of BHPF Arabella M192E, an own daughter of Iglhoff! This young bull has a great depth of body with a good hind quarter, low frame, good fat cover with very adequate rib eye and scrotal measurements. We believe this is the horned bull with polled genetics to mate your polled females to for more power, performance and depth.


Selling 10 U.S. Semen Packages in "The Quest XII" on September 24-25, 2011 consisting of 20 units of semen at $1,000 on a first come basis. No more semen will be available until at least "The Quest XIII".



Gibbons PPFF Expertise 33U

CSA#: 704975
Calved: 12/28/08
Sire: Bar 5 P SA Expert 826M
Dam: Gibby's Nabriska 16N


**Homozygous Polled


A This young bull has been tested homozygous Polled. His sire, Bar 5 P SA Expert 826M, is also the sire of Bar 5 SA Evolution 418S who has produced some outstanding calves. Expertise's dam, Gibby's Nabriska 16N, is known for producing excellent bulls herself such as Gibby's Real Deal (in use at Buzzard Hollow Ranch) and Gibby's Ultimate 29S (in use at Dollar's Diamond D). Expertise is dark red, has outstanding feet and moves well.


Selling 20 units of semen in "The Quest XII" on September 24, 2011.


-Owned jointly with Dollars Diamond D, Russellville, AR.


Sunny Valley Sargent 24S

CSA#: 8657911
Calved: 11/01/06
Sire: DFM Marcus 14M (CSA# S580437)
Dam: MTV Becky (CSA# S502486)



IVR Rommel N53

ASA#: 2253081
Calved: 09/28/03
Sire: SH Romulus 53R
Dam: Great Guns Lilli-Marlen D29


CF-DDD Hollywood M200

ASA#: 2187378
Calved: 03/28/02
Sire: Holb
Dam: DDD Winadream